My Top 5 Bible Study and Devotional Picks for Spiritual Growth

Are you looking for a Bible study or devotional to help you grow in your faith? If so, I have some recommendations for you! In this post, I’ll share my top 5 favorite Bible studies and devotionals. These resources have helped me learn more about God and how to grow in my relationship with Him. I hope they will do the same for you.

If you’re like me, you want to grow in your faith, but don’t always know where to start. I’ve found that Bible studies and devotional books are a great way to get into a routine of spiritual growth.

By the end of this blog, you will discover the benefits of Bible studies and devotionals, the importance of establishing a routine of spiritual growth, and some of my favorites to help you grow in your faith! Here are my top 5 favorites that have helped me on my journey!

Leader #1: Girlfriends in the Word by Natalia Drumm

I found several devotionals at Girlfriends in the Word that hit home for me. These are devotionals that focus on the needs of women with topics like redemption, prayer, our identity in Christ, and more! I love how they offer a mix of biblical teaching with relatable stories.

Each book has 20 devotionals with story and application questions and is perfect because they only take about twenty minutes of your day- making them easy and convenient any day or night of the week.

Devotionals are a perfect way to spend your twenty minutes each day. They will help you grow as an individual and connect with God more deeply, whether it’s after work or before bedtime! Find your copy here.

Leader #2: Bible Study Journals by Laura Krokos

I love the style of Bible study by Laura Krokos. She writes her studies as a journal. She covers books of the Bible using prompts and questions that guide us in our study and gives plenty of room to journal what we learn so we can apply what the Holy Spirit teaches.

I’m a fan of Journal Studies. They help me get more out of God’s word by opening my mind and heart to receive His guidance as well as providing space for writing any insights or thoughts that come along during the process! Laura Krokos does this perfectly in her “7P” method (paraphrase, process, pursue, principles, praise, and pray). Get your Bible study journal here.

Leader #3: One Good Thing by Melissa Goepfrich

One Good Thing is a devotional series by Melissa Goepfrich that takes us through the books of the Bible in prayer. I love her insights and practical application of Scripture. Each day ends with a set of activities to help you apply the principles discovered as you pray scripture back to God.

Reading one devotional a day will get you through one section of scripture in 30 days. You will also deepen your relationship with God as you learn to pray scripture and apply the principles learned. Get your copy of One Good Thing here.

 Leader #4: Intouch by Charles Stanley

I end my day with a short devotional from In Touch by Charles Stanley. He offers a mix of biblical teaching and stories that help me close my day with God’s word in my mind and heart.

The In Touch daily devotional is an excellent resource for scripture that will touch your heart in every story. Each day brings a new lesson from the Bible and an application for spiritual growth. This is a free devotional. You can sign up to receive your copy here.

Leader #5: Quiet Time by Word of Life Youth Ministries

I came across this devotion and loved the questions it asks. It made me go back into Scripture, study more deeply than ever before – even on those days where you’re not feeling like studying anything at all! I find the questions prompt me to go deeper in my study of Scripture and I love the challenge to memorize scripture each week.

I start my day with quiet time to make a consistent habit of meeting with God and set the mood for the day. The thought-provoking questions of each devotional help me learn what the Bible says and learn who God is. Get your copy here.

Final Thoughts

In a world full of false teaching, it’s important to trust the stories of others as being accurate to what God says is true in His Word. The Devotionals and Bible studies I’ve shared are wonderful sources of God’s truth.

The Bible is the ultimate authority on truth, and there are many ways for us to find out what God says about any topic. The Devotionals I’ve shared are created by some of my favorite authors. They provide helpful insights into how these messages can change your life!

 I hope this list of resources is helpful to you as you seek to grow in your faith! What are some of your favorite Bible studies or devotionals? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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