Child of God: The Power of a Father’s Influence

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“The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God” (Romans 8:16, ESV)

Abby’s mom was a single parent who worked two jobs just to keep the lights on and food on the table. As a result, Abby and her younger sisters spent most of their time at her best friend Tasha’s house.

Tasha’s parents welcomed the three girls into their home. Abby and her sisters regularly ate dinner with the family. Tasha’s dad, Leonard, helped the four girls with their homework every evening.

Years later, when Abby became a Christian, she struggled with how to see God. “My church told me that God was a loving Father. For a long time, I didn’t understand it. My dad split when my sisters were little.”

Then one day, Tasha reached out, inviting Abby to come visit her and her young family. “Leonard was there, and I walked in to see him playing with his grandkids. For the first time, it hit me I had a father.”

“Leonard taught me to drive, just like he did for Tasha. He took me on college visits when my mom couldn’t get time off work.” Abby laughed as the truth soaked deep into her heart. “Because of Leonard, I knew what it was like to be loved deeply by a father and that made me see God in a whole new light.”

Dear God, let the truth of your love surround me, soaking into my spirit. I want to feel Your love and shine it so others can learn of Your great compassion. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

The message of this devotional is that the love and nurture of a father figure can help someone understand and accept the love of God, even if they have not experienced it before. The verse from Romans 8:16 emphasizes the role of the Holy Spirit in affirming our identity as children of God.

I struggled to see God’s love for me. I didn’t feel love from him, and I didn’t feel love for him. I had my grandpa that played the loving father figure in my life, and I had a dad who showed me the dysfunctional side of a father in my life.

Somehow, even though the loving acts of my grandpa, I still failed to see the good in a heavenly father. I couldn’t see him as loving. I believed he hated me, was ashamed of me, and I was not worthy of belonging to his family. But that’s a lie, and I’m grateful today to know the truth.

The Importance of a Father Figure

So, what are the ways a father figure can help someone understand and accept the love of God?

A father figure can play a crucial role in helping someone understand and accept the love of God in several ways:

  • Show Unconditional Love
  • Provide Guidance
  • Set a Positive Example
  • Teach About God’s Love
  • Encourage a Relationship with God
  • Address Misconceptions

6 Tips to Be a Father Figure of God’s Love

Tip # 1: Show Unconditional Love and Acceptance

A father figure can show the love of God by showing unconditional love and acceptance. This means emphasizing that their love is not based on performance or worthiness, but simply on the fact that they are a child of God. By consistently displaying love and acceptance, a father figure can help someone understand that God’s love is also unconditional and that they are worthy of His love.

Tip # 2: Provide Emotional Support and Guidance

A father figure can offer emotional support and guidance, just like God does for us. They can be a listening ear, offer advice and encouragement, and help navigate through life’s challenges. By mirroring God’s love and care, a father figure can help someone experience the nurturing and comforting presence of God in their lives.

Tip # 3: Set a Positive Example

A father figure can set a positive example of what it means to live a life aligned with God’s love. This includes displaying characteristics such as kindness, patience, forgiveness, and humility. By observing these qualities in a father figure, someone can begin to understand and accept God’s love, as they see it manifested in the actions and behavior of their father figure.

Tip # 4: Teach About God’s Love

A father figure can actively teach about God’s love and share personal experiences of how they have experienced this love in their own life. This can include discussing scripture, praying together, attending church, or engaging in spiritual activities as a family. By teaching about God’s love, a father figure can help someone develop a deeper understanding and acceptance of God’s love for them.

Tip # 5: Encourage a Personal Relationship with God

A father figure can encourage someone to develop their own personal relationship with God. They can guide them in reading the Bible, praying, and seeking God’s presence. By encouraging this personal connection, a father figure can help someone experience firsthand the love and grace of God, enabling them to understand and accept His love in a more profound way.

Tip # 6: Address Misconceptions and Doubts

A father figure can address any misconceptions or doubts someone may have about God’s love. They can provide reassurance, clarify misunderstandings, and answer questions about God’s character and intentions. By addressing these doubts and misconceptions, a father figure can help someone overcome barriers that prevent them from fully understanding and accepting God’s love.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a father figure can play a significant role in helping someone understand and accept the love of God. Through their love, support, guidance, teaching, and encouragement, a father figure can provide a tangible example of God’s love and help someone develop a deeper understanding and acceptance of His love in their own life.

My grandpa played a crucial role in my life as a father figure. His influence helped me become a kind and forgiving person towards my dad. Because of God, I witnessed my relationship with my father being restored, and I have faith that he is now in heaven. All of this began with my grandpa’s unwavering faithfulness to God.

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