Guide to Knowing the Lies of Emotions

A knowledge of emotions and the lies that fan them will make us more aware of our own feelings and guide us in managing them when situations call for wise decisions.

When I cried, she cried. Not wanting my child to feel the same anxiety I felt, I would force myself to stop crying and hold her until she was laughing again. As years went on, my anxiety became pals with depression. Then depression added guilt and guilt added shame. Shame caused me to be anxious and depressed and the merry-go-round kept spinning.

Depression makes us feel paranoid and hopeless. Anger outbursts, anxiety, and fear played a role in my emotional struggles. What I didn’t know is God gave me these emotions. I just needed to learn how to handle them.

I’ve spent many years learning how to express my emotions appropriately, which isn’t easy since I grew up stuffing them deep inside. I only have been able to rise above lies of emotions after seeking God’s truth.

What are the Lies of Emotions?

I somehow learned that God didn’t allow emotions. I believed it was a sin to be angry. I believed crying was a sign of weakness because the lies of emotions tell us we are weak if we cry. But these are just lies. Anger is not a sin, and it is not a sign of weakness if we cry.

If this were true, then we would have to say that Jesus was weak when He wept at the grave of Lazarus, or that He sinned when, in anger, He overturned the tables of the money changers. Since neither one of these things is true of Jesus, then I think it is safe to say it isn’t true for us.

How to get Started with Understanding Lies of Emotions

We will learn to control our emotions and mange and express them properly as we rise above lies’ we learned. To understand the lies of emotions, we first need to see where they have played a role in our lives.

As I stated before, I learned to stuff my emotions. Holding back tears is bad enough, but do you know what a walking time bomb looks like? That is what I’ve been most of my life. Knowing that it was not okay to show anger in outbursts, I kept the emotion tucked away. Non-expressed anger stays hidden deep inside and causes many problems for us, physically and spiritually.

When I say never expressed, I mean not appropriately expressed. We always express anger in our behavior and speech. And when we have shoved in too much for us to handle, anger always comes out in the biggest tantrum imagined. Walking time bomb.

So, what are the ways we can learn what the lies of emotions are that we listen to so we can learn the proper ways of dealing? We can look at our lives and measure it against what the Bible says about them. That’s what exposed the lies of emotions in my life, and I know the truth of Jesus will help you rise above lies, too.

Tips for Success in Knowing Lies of Emotions

I research and study to find the truth in the Bible that shows where we have lived in lies and then seek what Jesus says is true. Wherever we have learned the lies that taught us how to express our emotions inappropriately, doesn’t matter. What does matter is where we will find the truth.

Common Questions/FAQ About Emotions

Here at Dangers Ahead, we attempt to answer your questions about the lies of emotions. Below are some questions that we will cover in the coming weeks. I have answered a few of them briefly in this blog, but will expand more in future blogs. Be sure to subscribe to Dangers Ahead to be notified so you don’t miss a post.

What is hiding your emotions?                   

Growing up in a Christian home, I learned at an early age that one is to control their emotions. But that was just next to impossible for me to do. I think that is why I learned to hide them. I didn’t want to do anything that would make God mad at me; I think when I was a kid, I might have thought I was hiding my emotions from God. But we really don’t hide them like we think. Stuffed emotions always come out in our actions and speech. We may think we have them hidden, but our emotional status is obvious to others around us.

How do you deal with emotional struggles?

Some questions I have, as you may also, about dealing with our emotions include: How do you handle emotional struggles? Or can you control your emotions? We absolutely can control our emotions and I find it easier to do so today more than any other time in my life.

It sounds crazy that I could control my emotions better today when there is so much chaos around. Why wasn’t I able to manage my emotions years ago when we didn’t have pandemic situations? My only answer is God. Even better, my knowledge of God.

How are emotions influenced?

Does my mood affect others? Yes. Which means others’ moods affect me. It’s a lie to tell ourselves that our emotional outburst is not hurting anyone. It’s very easy to believe the lie that we can let our emotions express themselves any way we want.

After all, if anger isn’t a sin, and it’s okay to cry, then we are not hurting anyone by throwing a tantrum or crying our eyes out in an emotional breakdown. But who is around us when this is happening? How is what we are saying in an angry outburst affecting them?

I don’t know about you, but I can say some pretty cruel things when I’m mad. I actually cringe at the memory of some ways my inappropriate behavior has affected others.

Thank God for His truth that changes us so we can rise above!

What is the role of emotions in decision making?

Do you know emotions can affect our ability in decision making? Some of the research I have been doing included finding out why some women have difficulties in the decision-making process. It surprised me to find that this is a real thing that could be in relation to childhood trauma. This fascinated me as I have struggled in this area. I am still studying up on this, but if this is a subject that interest you, subscribe to be notified when I post the blog.

Don’t let your emotions control you?

Bringing my emotions under control of the Holy Spirit is something that I have only in recent years learned to do, but sharing with you the truth of Jesus that can show you how to keep your emotions from controlling you is something I am overly excited to do.

The Last Thing You Need to Know About Lies of Emotions

I no longer live under the bondage of depression and anxiety. I am not throwing temper tantrums and I don’t have to hide my feelings to keep people around me in a good mood. And it’s all because of Jesus! I can’t wait to show you how. Be sure to subscribe to Dangers Ahead to be notified by email when the next blog posts. Thank you for taking this journey of truth with me. I look forward to helping you rise above!

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