Finding Peace in Surrendering to God

We live in a world where there is pain and uncertainty. In moments of distress, it can be tempting to run away from God, instead of toward Him. But God desires us to look to Him for peace and find it in surrendering our hearts and lives to Him. I found peace by surrendering my life to God.

Surrender means giving up control of something you once had power over. In the Christian context, surrender is about trusting God with your life and believing that He will take care of you despite the darkness that can exist in this world. It’s about accepting Jesus as Lord of your life and trusting that his will is best for you. It’s about believing that His plan for you is better than what you could plan for yourself.

My Story

Through a hard season in my life, I began my journey towards surrender. My emotional health was failing, I was questioning if I had purpose, and worst of all—I felt like God had left me behind. During this time, I ran away from God and questioned His goodness while trying to figure out why bad things were happening to me.

But after years of running, I finally reached a point where I had no choice but to stop running and face who Jesus really was—the Son of God—and accept Him as the only Savior of my soul. By doing this, true peace came into my heart that only comes when we accept who Jesus is and understand his love for us despite our mistakes or circumstances.

The Power Behind Surrender

When we surrender our lives to Jesus, we are saying yes not only to who He is but also what He did on the cross for us—He died so that we may live free from sin forever! By accepting Jesus, we admit He has power over our lives unlike anything else on this earth does, including ourselves.

We are saying yes because we know deep down inside that He has every right to be Lord over our lives because He gave Himself up for us without hesitation or expectation of anything in return! 

Peace comes when we surrender our hearts and lives completely over to Jesus by accepting who he is—God’s Son sent down from Heaven above, who willingly sacrificed himself on the cross so that each one of us may experience eternal life with him forevermore!

Through trusting His promises above all else, we come alive spiritually as we realize how much more powerful His love is than any circumstance or emotion out there!

So, let’s open our hearts and minds to Him today so we may experience joy and peace through it all!