A Guide to Rise Above Lies

The desire to belong makes it easy to believe the lies we are told. Even if we know it’s a lie, we will still ignore it, because we want to fit in. It doesn’t take long to see the damage caused by these lies, but it seems to take a lifetime to escape the consequences the lies cause. I live with some of these consequences today. In my brokenness, I seek truth to expose the lies we live so we can rise above.

What does it mean to rise above lies?

The lies I seek to expose are those which cause us emotional pain and suffering. These false teachings guide people away from Jesus, leading them down a path of turmoil instead with only terrible consequences as their reward for following it blindly.

The danger of lies turns us from the only one who can give us the belonging we are looking for. The reason we turn from Jesus is that we don’t know who He is. We don’t know that total satisfaction and approval come from Him. We make our decisions in life according to the lies taught to us, or the lies we tell ourselves. If what we learned is contrary to what Jesus says, it’s a lie.

How to rise above the lies

What do we need to flush out the lies? The truth! The question we ask, though, is what is the truth? Jesus is the only truth! It’s important to study the stories of God’s people in the Bible so we can see how God can heal us of brokenness and show how the truth of Jesus is the only truth worth believing.

Tips for success to rise above lies

To successfully rise above lies, we must seek truth from the only source of truth there is, the Bible. After all, Jesus says He is the Word, and the Word is truth, so where else would we go to learn about Jesus?

To successfully rise above lies, we need to expose them with truth, and we do this by reading and studying the Bible.

Jesus is the only person who can expose our lies, and he patiently waits for us to come to Him. I hope you are ready to expose the lies you live with the truth of Jesus.

Common Questions/FAQ About Lies to rise above

How does a person lie to themselves?

How many times have you heard the phrase follow your heart? Well, if listening to your heart is what you do, then you probably are following lies everywhere you go! We read in Jeremiah 17:9 that the heart is deceitful. The only time we should follow our heart is if it is being led by Jesus. In Proverbs, Solomon says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5, ESV).

Why do people lie to me?

Have you ever lied to anyone? Why? I know the reasons I have lied, and it always comes back to wanting my own way. Or I’m hiding something about myself that would shame me to share. Whatever reasons we have, others have the same agenda. If they can manipulate us into doing things their way, then they have succeeded.

How does lying affect relationships?

It’s hard to trust people after we’ve caught them in a lie. It would surprise me if you had never suffered from deceitfulness. When our lives become trapped in lies, it weighs heavily on the heart. We suffer many broken relationships and much emotional turmoil.

How do emotions lie?

I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling anxious, or depressed, others can easily deceive me into thinking I’m not good enough, there is no way out of the mess, or I don’t belong. We become deceived when our emotions are out of control. I struggle with emotional lies, but knowing the truth of Jesus helps me jump off the roller coaster of emotions to let God tell me my worth.

What are the disadvantages of religion?

Along with the lies of relationships and emotions, we also carry lies with us from religion. It doesn’t matter which religion we grew up in. They all seem to have their traditions and rules to abide by. The disadvantage of religions happens when they are more focused on these rules and traditions and not on the truth of Jesus.

When we make our life about ‘doing’ to show the outward appearances of following a religion with nothing on the inside of us changing, we are living lies. The truth of Jesus says there is more than making sure you get to Church on Sunday. This truth exposed in my life is where I finally found my sense of belonging.

The Last Thing You Need to Know to rise above lies

We try to seek our approval and self-worth from others when we are to seek approval from Jesus. He died for me. He died for you. And that makes Him the only person important enough to tell us our worth, and Jesus is the only one who tells us the whole truth. I hope you see the worth of following him, too!

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