REST Bible Study Method

Do you want an easy way to study the Bible?

The REST acronym is a simple and easy method to use when we want to study one or two verses. With this method, you will Read, Explore, Study, and Thrive.

With this simple method, you can easily understand and apply God’s Word to your life. You’ll be able to find answers to your questions and grow closer in your relationship with Him.

Using the REST Method will help you learn more about God’s Word and grow closer to Him. You’ll be able to understand Scripture better and apply it to your life.

The REST method helps to gain more understanding of the Bible, which helps us put it into action in our lives.

The acronym REST (meaning, Read, Explore, Study and Thrive) is a simple bible study method that helps aid in your own personal studies of the Bible. These are simple steps to lead in understanding scripture.

This method allows us to learn what we read and examine things further for understanding and application.

As you prayerfully seek God’s wisdom, ask Him to give you an understanding about what He wants to teach you from this passage.

While reading, ask questions that come up and write them down on the study sheet.

REST Bible Study Worksheet


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The first step is to read. Read the passage in question many times and in different translations.

Write out the passage or verse. Observe what is happening in the story as you read. Pay attention to the author, the audience, and the message.

After reading, stop and let your mind continue to wander; ask yourself what you think the text means. Let the Holy Spirit bring insight into your heart as you ask Him to reveal His wisdom to you (see John 14:26).


Write your questions about what you observed while reading. Ask questions about the things you don’t understand. Ask questions about who is writing and questions about the audience.

Be sure to ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is the passage about?
  • What are they doing?
  • Where are they doing it?
  • What is happening around them?
  • Why is this important to know?
  • How does this relate to me today?


Look up verses that this passage leads you to. Cross-reference to help get a better understanding of the passage. What are you learning about God? What is this passage saying about God?

Explore the passage further by looking at nearby verses for clarification. Cross-reference with other parts of scripture that share similar words or themes to help you better understand the text.

Compare the passage to other parts of scripture to better understand. You will find verses to cross reference in the margins of your Bible. You can also use tools found on-line such as Blue Letter Bible.

Along with cross reference, use other books such as commentaries and devotionals.


Now it’s time for action! Put the things you learned into practice. Which part of this message applies to you today? Write out a statement of affirmation and start practicing this in your life.

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